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Trying to make outrageous finishes real

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This is what we're always working on–trying our best to make some of the crazy stuff our clients cook up look real.  We built a configurator for Specialized to let them use the Viewer and render the finishes for a bike launch in real-time (on a 70" touchscreen).  Turned out to be a tall order.  But, it worked and it was cool.  The bike is finally out and we got around to rendering out some heroes from the same project.  Here is one.  The rest are in this Behance gallery:

Let us know what you think!

Will Gibbons:
I think the speckled on on the Behance profile was my favorite! Thanks for sharing. Cool to see some nice paint and lighting!

Yes @willgibbons, that is one of my favorites too! I think we should re-render that one in orthographic as opposed to the slight three quarter. Here it is.


Just fabulous finishes, Mike. And love the lighting.


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