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network render - improved scheduling
« on: May 08, 2019, 06:05:27 am »
You have to click on each scheduling block one at a time to change things. That could be improved.

I'd like to be able to define how many cores, or just turn off a computer without having to use the scheduler, from the master computer. Or, just from Any computer with the network monitor really. If I'm remote, I don't want to have to Also use remote desktop just to make that change.

And I'd also like the option to enable all cores on computer Lock, rather than log off. We Never log off. I don't even know anyone who logs off. Either you restart, shut down, or just lock the computer. And I Know not everyone would like this option. But it would work well for our machines. And it would be a checkbox. People don't have to use it.
We have a few machines with cintiq monitors for sketching. They are decent computers, so that's what we use to add some power for rendering. They are used, but Probably only 10% of the time. And it's a single user, so no one logs out. They either just lock it when they are done, or do nothing and let it lock on it's own. Then when we notice renders are going slower than normal, we go around and figure out why we only have 32/64 cores used. Yup, we forgot to turn the cores back on. Happens all the time. So a checkbox would really help.

The complication comes when it comes to how it handles someone using the computer again. I'd prefer to just have it drop the render immediately, so that would be nice to have in preferences as well. Even better, I'd like a pop-up from keyshot that says, "This computer is rendering, would you like to stop rendering so you can get some work done?" lol
Because, if you're just checking on something, keep rendering. If you want to use photoshop or something? You'll want to cancel right away.