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[RESOLVED] keyshot crash

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Ian Reymond:
Please try starting KeyShot with the NVIDIA GPU.

How to set the Nvidia Graphics-card as preferred GPU

* Open the Nvidia control panel
* Go to "Manage 3D settings"
* Go to the Program Settings
* Select KeyShot from the Dropdown. If it is not available ad the KeyShot.exe manually.
* Select your NVidia graphics card under "preferred graphics processor"
* Click "Apply" and restart KeyShot
Please let me know if that fixes the crashing issue

Thanks Ian,
Seems better, no more crash since this update... hope this continue to work!
I will keep you in touch if I crash again in the future.
Thanks a lot ;)

Ian Reymond:

Thank you for following up. I am glad this helped. Please let us know if you run into anymore issues.


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