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How to report bugs and crashes (please read prior to posting)


Bruno F:
Please submit your bug and crash reports in the format shown below. Provide as much information and detail as possible.

1. Computer make and specs:

* Windows/Mac OS Version
* Graphics Card Model
* Processor Model2. Exact KeyShot Version (e.g. 8.2.80)
3. CAD Software and version or year. (if applicable)
4. Step-by-Step instructions to re-create the issue you are seeing.
For example:

* Open KeyShot Scene
* Go to Project, Camera and add a camera
* etc...5. Screenshot(s) showing the issue that you are seeing.
6. CAD or KeyShot KSP file (File > Save Package) needed to reproduce the issue(if applicable).
7. Crash event log (crash issues only).

* Press "windows-key+r"
* Type _eventvwr_ then
* Go to *windows logs->Application*
* Press "Save All Events As..."Thanks in advance!


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