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Light beam doesn't show

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I've been trying to make volumetric lighting with a combination of scattering medium and spotlight.
Any combination I've tried - changing density, transparency distance, albedo, transmission, or angle, fallof and power of spotlight - it doesn't help.
All I get is light showing on the car. I tried placing light source inside the cube of scattering medium or just slightly outside of it. Video examples on YT show
it should be achieved quite easily. Am I making a basic mistake somewhere?

My laptop is very slow with this. Furthest I let it sample in realtime window is to about 40 samples. It should've already been visible by then, but it wasn't.
Spotlight was at 1200, 5500 at 25000 and 150 000 Lumen. I tried everything I could think of with values of both materials.

(light source is diagonally left and up from the car)

(doesn't show with IES light, or area lights either).

Eric Summers:
I'm guessing you're looking for something like what I've attached, right?

What is the Beam Angle of your spotlight? Could it be that your beam is wider than your scattering medium? You could also try switching to Watts and see if the beam shows up (high Watt values make a bright light fast). One last thing - does your HDRI have any bright lights that could be washing out the spotlight?

If you take a look into the spotlight.bip from the scene folder, you’ll get the lighting settings you need.
I guess it is something missing in your scene like global illumination and a ground plane?!?

Hope that helps

@Eric: I've tried narrow and wide light angles, it's not about that. My HDRI provides no lighting at all. I wanted everything to be done with just this one light. Maybe switching to Watts helps, thanks for your input.

@MWo: I totally forgot about that scene. I always have GI on, but the ground plane might not have been active in the scene.

Esben Oxholm:
Hi Jozip.
Is the bottom of the cube you've used for the scattering medium material by any change interfering with your groundplane?

If yes, try and move the cube bottom below the groundplane.



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