Author Topic: problems with sending my Zbrush polypainted model to Keyshot from zbrush.  (Read 774 times)

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 Can help me with this problem I'm having sending my zbrush polypainted model over to keyshot? Ive done a few tests sending polyaint to keyshot and had some success with doing it. Ive painted part of a zbrush sculpt sent it to keyshot changing the material the flat color material and highlighting the groups by materials in the render tab and it worked for me. I then spend the rest of my day [ many hours] painting the entire model try sending it over the same way using the Keyshot bridge and my model make ends up destroyed in keyshot. If I send the model over without the polypaint it comes in fine. I would like to use the polypaint though and don't know what I'm doing wrong. If anyone has any ideas that would help i would greatly appreciate the help... thank you
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