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Change priority of Network Rendering Queue


Hey all

In managing the network queue monitor is there any way to adjust the priority of projects similar to Backburner where the users can decide what is priority before sending it off, since all of our departments know of the different project's importance.

Can the users adjust their own priority levels when sending to the render servers?  They do not have administrative rights in the Monitor so they can't move things up or down on the list themselves.

Or can lower priority projects be scheduled for off-hours times?


DMerz III:
At this time, Network Rendering has no priority levels.

Okay.  Thanks.

DMerz III:
I started this thread a while back asking for some helpful features regarding NR. If you would like to contribute your ideas, please do so!

Rendering DOES have priority levels, currently. But you can't submit them with a specific one. You can change priority once you submit. And it even asks you if you want to stop the current render immediately, or finish it's current task first.

But I would definitely like to submit crazy tests, or odd passes with a really low priority so anything else bumps in front.


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