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Suede / Nubuck Required

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Hi All - looking for some help in creating a suede / nubuck texture for footwear (like the photo attached).
ive had a trawl of google, and found some alacantra texture, but its not quite suede.  I also found a test shoes post where someone had created a suede look, but didnt give details to all the settings.

could someone assist me in creating this, where to start, what settings etc.
it looks like velvet as a start material, then adding bump map to it - but cant really get correct effect.

many thanks
(using KS 8.1 pro)

Eugen Fetsch:
This is a difficult topic. At least, it was for me when I was working on suede leather bands for wrist watches. A single Bump didn't work well, because there is more imperfection in the material - the fibers change their direction too. You can meme that by changing the color value/saturation with a noise texture. It works for total shots, but don't look good on close-ups and macro shots. On my project I ended up using particles in Blender. With all that I still failed and lost the client :)

But if I would need to do it again, I would contact all those people...

Christopher Gough -
Triod Team -
Rob Bryant, Jr -
Strange Alice -

... and ask them for an advice. :)

P.S.: I worked in KS7 then, maybe the new KS8 Displacement feature can help.

Thanks for the reply!  hmmm, glad its not as simple as click click done, otherwise I would have felt a bit stupid.

I'll tap up those artists and see if they can offer some advice, however I can see that none of those renderings used keyshot as software, so no doubt they used very different techniques.

thanks again

I would guess that you can start with a velvet material and use the bump add utility to combine very small and slightly larger noise bumpmaps. Make the bumps really tall (at least over 1, but maybe more towards 3) to force that grainy look.. You can loop the output of that into another bump add if you need.
Not sure how much displacement will help you, as the details are tiny and you'd end up with a massively dense mesh..

edit: I would probably use that combined with an actual texture for at leat the diffuse map.. something like this (not free):

Esben Oxholm:
Definitely a tricky material due to the features that camomiles describes.

Depending on your needs, perhaps the two suede materials from will help you out:


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