Author Topic: Something like UE4's Foliage Instanced Meshes Brush for environments  (Read 630 times)

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Hi Keyshot Team!

Really happy with Keyshot 8! Great work!

Now that I'm building out larger scenes and getting to take advantage of displacement maps, I'm finding the need to create transitions / blending between textures like sand to rocky sand. Watching some of the Unreal Engine 4 brushes adding and removing foliage instances and also adding different soil textures like sand to gravel across the same geometry is absolutely amazing. I know that's very different from how Keyshot works, currently, and I could do those effects with the material graph / multi-material graph with a little more practice and knowledge.

Since this is a wish list, I would love to take advantage of paint brush features like this. With the desire to use more 3D assets like Megascans, I'm salivating watching videos like these one:


What do you think?