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Pitted/porous rock custom texture



I am struggling to achieve a texture similar to this product, the middle circular piece with a sort of porous pitted rock/ lava rock look.

So far I have tried cellular bump but to no avail, a few of the stock normal maps such as asphalt and rock, and had a look on the Keyshot library but didn't quite find the right thing.
I guess the next step would be making my own normal map? I don't have much experience in this, any help would be much appreciated!


You'll probably have more luck with the 'spots' texture in a high density.
Still, you'll have to wait for Keyshot 8 to get displacement and to be able to make a true 3D material.
Normal map generation is something I kind of gave up on.. maybe they have something on

Actually the best way is using some alpha maps for sculpting that piece and baking displacement map from it and use it keyshot 8 that support displacement map


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