Author Topic: Change location of Cloud download folder  (Read 1011 times)

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Change location of Cloud download folder
« on: July 18, 2018, 05:57:42 am »
Just a small one, but I noticed that the download folder Keyshot cloud downloads to isn't changeable like the rest of the folder structure (textures, backplates, enviros, enderings, scenes, etc...). It would be nice to have this operate just like the other folders in case you have folders mapped elsewhere, or a custom folder structure. This could be an added line under the folders page in preferences, or, this could be put into the general preferences page under the existing cloud library box.

And actually, as I see it now, when it downloads it tries to load it into the default folders - Not the folders I have mapped in Preferences.
So there may just be a bug that isn't importing it to the correct folder either.

But in any case - being able to map it differently would be nice.