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Metin Seven:

I'd love to see a gradient added to the Environment Background options.

I know there's a gradient option in the HDRI editor, but I mean a screen boundary based gradient option in the Background options, as an alternative for an image file or solid color, so you won't have to leave Keyshot to go to an external image editor to create / adjust a gradient image.

It would be ideal if the gradient offers different types as well, such as Linear and Radial. Interpolation options such as Exponential would be welcome too, as well as noise options to make the gradient less smooth.

As a usage example, using a radial gradient you could easily give a vignette effect to the background without affecting the rendered foreground.

Many thanks in advance!


Definitely something that would be nice-to-have!

Ryan Day:
Just want to add in a "yes, please" from me as well. Seems like it should be a fairly simple addition, in theory.


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