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Complex skin shader inside keyshot?


Hey all. I'm wondering if Keyshot could pull off a realistic skin look, I've painted several skin maps (epidermal, subsurface, mid dermal, deep surface, specular, heights), however the skin shader only allows me to import a subsurface map when I set the material to 'Translucent Advanced'.
Is there any other way to have several layers of skin complexity inside keyshot?
I've tried with Layer composite nodes but it gets really laggy and a bit hard to control.

I think you just need a surface map and a material that actually can simulate sss effect ,thats all,why u built a subsurface map? In any other engine like vray,arnold and keyshot for sure you just need some colors value to control subsurface effects so those maps are useless,just use a texture map for surface and use other options in translucent advanced material to build you own skin material

Hey all! Long time no posting, I've been occupied with other (work), so I havent put much time into my own personal work.
I'm wondering whether you guys would like to see something like this as tutorial?


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