Author Topic: Zbrush Bridge Materials overwriting Keyshot Materials across sessions?  (Read 780 times)

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I have a technical question about how zbrush communicates with keyshot.
I currently use the Zbrush to Keyshot bridge to send my model to Keyshot for rendering. I then replace the materials with keyshot materials and adjust the lighting and positioning of the model. In the same session I update the geometry in ZBrush then click the BPR button to send that update to Keyshot. The mesh updates and materials stay as keyshot materials and things work as expected. I then save the ztl or zpr and the keyshot bip and close both programs down. Open them both back up again load my ztl and the bip in their respective programs. Re-establish the bridge with the same files, but the materials are overwritten in keyshot with matcap materials from zbrush. The mesh is in the same orientation and scale once I bridge, it's just the materials that seem to be overwritten. Is there a way to preserve the keyshot materials and yet continue to update the geometry in zbrush and have it update in keyshot in a separate session? Am I saving the wrong file formats in order to keep things linked correctly across multiple sessions? Thank you for your help!