Author Topic: HDRI editor - draw the lights on the object (sometimes better than pick)  (Read 1481 times)

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It would be interesting to have a possibility not only pick but draw the lights for highlight the edges of the model for example.

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You are absolutely right. I will be a new Keyshot user pretty soon but already see it lacks the ability to make detailed light setups. Yes, the pins and it's options are interesting but not detailed enough.
I feel Keyshot is an amazing tool but lacking in lighting features.

The feature you are asking is so useful. Look at the Slib Leuchtkraft plugin. It's functionality is amazing. It aligns lights based on picking a normal on the geo. It's so good!

Also Hdr lightstudio (hdrls) is the best tool for product lighting. Especially the possibility to add and control lights in 3d and not only on an ibl is super useful. I have been using it pro level for 9 years.
Maybe there could be a bridge to hdrls developed like the other engines have now. or as a plugin directly.