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Position Pane number behavior
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:12:31 pm »
Ok, making this an official request / wish list. This is a summary of comments I've made in other areas of the forum-

The behavior of the numbers in the Position pane of the Scene tree window needs some tweaking. Examples-

1) When I rotate something by  180 deg by typing 180 into the Y rotation box, what should end up being
changes to
when I press enter.  Why can't it just stay the same? Make no sense.

2) Scaling normalizes to 1-
If  I want to stretch an object (cube primitive for example) and I type in
Scale -1
it changes to
Scale- .5
So I can't scale something by X-.05 and Y-0.5 because when I type in the .05 in the X and tab to the Y, the Y changes to 2, then i can't type in 0.5 for Y because that would scale it by 0.5 of 2 instead of 0.5 of 1 like I want to.

Translation seems to behave itself for the most part. As I use KS more and more for assembling scenes, this method of scaling and rotating is most cumbersome and it makes me think more than I want to :) Most of the time I have to scale things exactly compared to others and scale many items by the same amount. The way it works now makes it hard to keep track of that.

I can do a screen video grab to demonstrate if that would help.  I do understand that there is an internal system of scaling and relationships, but if this could get some love for one of the next updates I'd be happy to test and help out in any way I can.