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Adding cursor and hand gifs to XR files


Joe Knapton:
Can anyone advise me on how to enable the cursor or hand gif on my XR renders?
I can see them in the file once the render's complete, but they don't show when viewing the html file.

New user:
In your index.html you need to set the variable

--- Code: --- var downloadOnInteraction =true;
--- End code ---

Joe Knapton:
If anyone's still struggling with this, you simply have to check the "Download on interaction" box before rendering.
The animated cursor then appears on the rendered file, and disappears when the user engages with the file.

[email protected]:
It would be nice if there was an option of having the instruction gif and automatic download.

[email protected]:
I have seen some similar products that include the option of controls like a play button arrow controls etc.
I have found clients resistant to including XR because they feel users might not know how to use it.
Some more options would be good for these situations.


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