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« on: November 14, 2017, 12:03:33 pm »
Modeling Software
This model has been done by myself in Rhinoceros.
Some screenshot from raw final assembly and exploded view of the assembled model is attached.

Used Material
I used the Cloudy Plastic for the main body of the Cassette.
For transparent part of the Cassette to view the Tape i used the Polycarbonate Plastic.
and an other part that i used of new material are Screws that for this parts i added anodized aluminum material.

I designed a lable for this Cassette with "KeyShot 2017 Material Render Competition" title in photoshop.
A screenshot from designed lable is attached.
I've worked bit on this label in KeyShot with Using the Material Graph for realistically showing it as a real lable.
Material Graph is attached.

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Re: Cassette
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Re: Cassette
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I really liked this one when I saw it in the render competition thread. (I commented there at the time). Would love to see some additional angles of it!