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Arian Shamil:
I'm happy to be the first who post in this forum area :)

Anyway...I've done my first config, seen it on presentation it possible to "pack" all the configurator to send it to a client?

Something like for a Keyshot VR (Now XR)

Thanks in advance

I have this exact question. If I can provide this interface online it would be amazing.

(Sorry for not providing any additional info, I just hope this raises the visibility of the topic.)

I asked this of Henrik recently it is something they are looking into but not without issues. If it is done like the XR then the amount of frames that need to be rendered will be huge but at least possible. It could alternatively be done and be cloud real time rendering.

Anyway, we would like to see it! Would be great to send out for product assessments

We have many ideas to take this initial implementation much further.
Distributing a "Configurator Package" and having a dedicated standalone viewer for non KeyShot users is very high on our to-do list.

Keep the feedback coming! :)


I know you are already offering the Toaster demo with the recording, but could you offer the Seat demo as well?


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