Author Topic: how to make in a transparent glass cilinder a gradient from white to transpare  (Read 3511 times)

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Offline masurin

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My pourpose was to design a blown grass with a gradient from white to transparent.
I tried to use in the textures the function gradient color but unfortunately the color white is read by the software as a transparent.
what can I do?
in attachement you can see a blownglass with gradient white/transparent

thanks guys!

Offline Esben Oxholm

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Hi Masurin.

Instead of using the gradient texture in the opacity channel, you could try to do it for 'roughness' and 'roughness transmission' using the 'advanced' material type.
See attached screenshot. Might help you in the right direction.

You can download the ksp for that specific scene here:


Offline masurin

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Hi Esben

Thanks a lot! I will try to follow your suggestion, changig a bit the roughness of the surface, infact blown glass has a glossy surface. The finish you suggested seems like an acid etched  finish on a transparent glass.
I will let you know the results!

best  and thanks again