Author Topic: 兰博基尼设计——肖恩·雪  (Read 3711 times)

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« on: June 06, 2017, 10:28:26 pm »
Hi, everyone I am Shaun, spent half a month of free time, and finally the little partner Ding Fang's graduation design finished. This time experienced a lot, harvest a lot. Especially after a full set of video animation to do down too excited.
Learn more to find themselves more LOW, really, this road is too long, I want to become stronger and Caixing.
Thanks to the enthusiasm of Wei Ge and quiet sister to help; thanks to the university students A Shen PS guidance; thanks to literature and Feng Ya's comments; there are far and his friends and guidance; Finally thank you all help my little partners and accompany me to fight A lot of days of desktop computers.
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Re: 兰博基尼设计——肖恩·雪
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That's amazing!

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Re: 兰博基尼设计——肖恩·雪
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Nicely done.