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Dell Precision Tower 7000 spec advice
« on: August 01, 2016, 06:14:51 am »
Hello all,
Any advice would be much appreciated.

I am looking to spec a couple of new workstations for a design department i have just taken over.
I plan to make the most of animation and VR on Keyshot 6 and want to get the most out of the spec with regard to keyshot.
The CAD models wont be that heavy but we will be doing a lot of rendering.
I have only really done standard product shots on overclocked i7 machines in the past so am quite behind or how the processors have changed and what i might need.

Budget is approx £3500 each machine but it needs to be Dell.

I'm struggling a bit with the Specs to anticipate what will get the best FPS?
Should i be looking at Single or Dual Processor?

Graphics card needs to run Solidworks so i was thinking a AMD FirePro 7100
500 GB Serial ATA
We  do have a server for storage.

Also would i see a benefit of getting a network licence and joining these two machines?

Hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction because the amount of options are giving me a headache.




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Re: Dell Precision Tower 7000 spec advice
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2016, 02:06:26 pm »
Hi David,

You only need to be concerned about number of cores/threads. Get as many cores / threads your budget allows. 2 processors double your number of cores/threads. If budget allows for it, go for it.

Your other specs look good. And yes, getting Network Rendering will allow you to tie both machines together, and allow you to not only double render speed, but also utilize the machines 24/7.