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KeyShot Newsletter - June 2016
« on: June 23, 2016, 08:59:47 am »

In this issue:  KeyShot 6.2 Released, Creating Sharp Reflections, Roughness Textures and more.

KeyShot Webinar
KeyShot + Photoshop
Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 - 10:00 - 11:00 AM PST

Learn how to optimize your workflow going from KeyShot into Photoshop: we’ll discuss different output settings and post processing techniques used in Photoshop. Sign up now as space is limited! In this webinar:

* Setting up a final render
* Render Layers - isolating parts to separate image layers
* Render Passes:
+ Clown Pass - easy selections using magic wand
+ Geometric Normal Pass - generate normal maps from 3D geometry
+ Depth Pass - simulate depth of field or fog in Photoshop
+ Shadow Pass - boost existing shadows in Photoshop
+ Ambient Occlusion Pass - add shadows to crevices and gaps
+ Ground Shadow Pass - isolate the ground shadow on a separate layer
+ Layer Mask Pass - creating masks in KeyShot

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KeyShot 6.2 Released
Download KeyShot 6.2 today to take advantage of the features and improvements, including updated importers, additional software support and more.


Customer Spotlight: JogAlong
JogAlong makes ergonomic running strollers that allow natural arm motion while running. See how they use KeyShot to communicate the design and function through sales and web visuals.


Artist Feature: Nils Piirma
With an eye for autos and making them look fabulous, Nils Piirma brings a unique perspective on how imagination plays an important role in automotive visuals and how KeyShot makes it happen.


KeyShot Quick Tip: Sharp Reflections in Displays
This KeyShot Quick Tip takes you through the process of applying a sharp reflection to a screen or window using half pins in the KeyShot HDRI Editor.

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Roughness Textures
Learn the difference between KeyShot Roughness and Bump and how to use Roughness Textures to add realism to your rendering.

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Recap: KeyShot Settings
Catch a recap of our last webinar to gain a deeper understanding of KeyShot settings and learn how to optimize them to for speed and quality.

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Upcoming Events
Join us at these upcoming events to see the latest developments with KeyShot and learn how KeyShot can create amazing visuals of your 3D data.

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