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free script - Batch Render Images
« on: May 21, 2016, 01:46:06 pm »
Here is a little script I made (well, tweaked from the original 'Render Images' script...) that I think could be useful to some people.

This script opens all scenes (bip files) in a folder and then renders an image for each scene.
All renderings will use the same resolution and quality (maximum samples). You can specify a suffix (which defaults to the current date), output folder and image format too.
Furthermore you can select the Lighting Preset that should be used for all scenes. You can also use the default 'As saved in scene', which will render each scene with its saved lighting settings.

Lastly, some queue processing options are provided.

The default values for resolution and samples are defined in the script. You can edit the script to your liking.
You can also edit lines 13 and 17 to change the Scenes and Renderings folder paths to your own.

Have fun! :D


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Re: free script - Batch Render Images
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2016, 03:33:34 am »
This is a great script and is helping me quite a bit, but I need some help. I have been using this script to run catalog product images where there are slight changes to each part. On some families this is working as I would hoped it would, and on others it is not. On one family, if I open a .bip that has the materials, lighting, camera, environment etc set, then run the script...after a few hours I have 60 images that are all frame and lit the same. When I ran the next family, doing all things the same (so I thought) the scenes are running with different environment setting...i.e. the shadows are back. This last time when I tried again, the material settings from the file I started the process with are not carrying through. I am new at KeyShot so I am hoping I am missing something simple. Any insight would be great I feel like I am both so close yet so far...and at the same time taking one step forward and two steps back. Any insight would be incredibly appreciated.