Author Topic: Importing from Solid Edge and Preserving Materials of a Previous Render  (Read 1608 times)

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Without having to get too specific, my current workflow is taking pictures of accessories for tablets. Each accessory is specifically designed to fit a particular tablet. An example: accessory #1 has a model for iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad 4...not to mention other tablet lines such as Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Windows Surfaces, etc.  Already I have completed renders of iPad Air but I still need to complete iPad Pro and iPad 4 renders. Since the geometry which I'm importing from Solid Edge is similar, but the dimensions do vary, I have to reapply materials to all surfaces. Is there a way for me to import and impose the new geometry onto the already defined scene sets? In general I'm looking for the best way of making a template for my current workflow so I do not have to start from scratch every time

I'm looking to create a template for myself so this way it becomes easier and more time efficient to do renders of each of these product lines without having to start over for each model.

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Read the help file sections on scene sets and view sets and see if they do what you want. The other method is to create your scene as a starting point and save that as your new default bip file so it loads every time you start a new KS session.