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Inventor 2016 Models in Keyshot

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Will it be possible to put 2016 Inventor Models in to KeyShot?

Does anyone know the easiest way to work around this problem?
What program or something should I have to import an Inventor file in something thats makes it able to import it in to KeyShot?

Thanks in advance!

Does anyone know the answer to this question yet?
Exporting to catia is not a suitable solution for me, as I rely heavily on the keyshot rounded edges function and those fillets look horrible on the catia files.

The two formats that are handled really well by KeyShot as all-rounders are STEP and OBJ.


yeah step/iges/obj ... but sometimes and with certain formats you tend to lose all object hierarchy ... best is always to import iam or ipt... if you can.

Importing iam files has not worked for me yet.
I am getting the no geometry error for every file that I tried.

Is there some way to prevent this from the inventor side? Do I need to stop using certain features?


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