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Benchmark / Re: Threadripper 2 - 457fps
« Last post by menizzi on Today at 10:28:10 pm »
Getting close to that 506 FPS. Wonder if you can get that number with a small over clock.
Benchmark / Threadripper 2 - 457fps
« Last post by 3DOTP on Today at 06:44:13 pm »
Put together our new TR2 machine today and had to run the KS benchmark right away!  Needed to do a bios update for the motherboard to post due to the new processor, otherwise setup went smoothly.

Will be running some comparison renders against our 112 core xeon rig, 360 core farms and 128 core TR1 farm.  With the TR1 farm we will try limiting it to 64 cores to compare apples to apples.

Asus ROG Zenith Extreme sTR4 x399
64gb - GSkill Ram
2tb Samsung 970 m.2
Evga water cooling
General discussion / Re: render machine help
« Last post by toasty1435 on Today at 05:22:41 pm »
With a build centered around key shot rendering, I should focus a majority of the budget towards cpu correct? The GPU does not really affect keyshots rendering capability from what I understand so I would need basically the minimum recommended?

Also heres my build list so far...just need that 2990WX to be released :)
Amazing Shots / Re: Henry Lever Action Rifle
« Last post by TGS808 on Today at 05:06:01 pm »
Careful guys, you'll shoot your eye out.
Benchmark / Re: Here we go again 443.1 FPS
« Last post by menizzi on Today at 03:55:42 pm »
I don’t think you will ever see dual TR. Epyc has much lower clocks. 32 cores should res up your image fast if not you can always OC and get that 6100 Cinebench Benchmark lol
Benchmark / Re: Here we go again 443.1 FPS
« Last post by mattjgerard on Today at 12:50:34 pm »
Wow that is insane!!! No wonder why AMD stock is flying! Does anyone know if there is going to be a dual processor board for this one?

Epyc is the dual proc version of the threadripper, the server market based chipsets and boards. Hard to find any legit info on them or if they are worth the coin. As far as I can find there are only 2 manufactures of the MB's, Supermicro and one other I can't recall. Might be more now, I haven't looked for a while. Different focus on those chips, not sure the core speeds will be able to keep up with TR Gen 2.
General discussion / Re: render machine help
« Last post by mattjgerard on Today at 12:48:02 pm »
Matt knows of what he speaks.

I too am a Mac refugee. If the differences were even close I would have stayed but sadly that's not the case. And with animations we're talking minutes vs hours. As I've said before on this forum, maybe next year with the new 2019 MacPro but I bet you'll REALLY pay through the nose for it...

Perry (Furniture_Guy)

Thanks Perry. I've done a lot of under the hood stuff on macs, I embarrassingly don't even know where to start in windows. It was great to be able to know so much about a platform, what can and can't be done with it, I really enjoyed it. I just wish they didn't price themselves out of 90% of the market. Its getting to be more appropriate to compare their pricing to BOXX workstations, but when you do that the specs just go all lopsided.
General discussion / Re: render machine help
« Last post by mattjgerard on Today at 12:45:53 pm »
Thanks for the input, I had similar thoughts when I saw the new 32 core chip AMD was coming out with but I love OSX and its interface so its hard to face that reality. Odds are I'll probably spec something out using the 2990wx for maximizing the cpu per dollar.

And seeing how most of the current crop of 399x MB's will work with the new chips, there is a large and mature selection of them to go with. Waiting to see if anyone can hackintosh with a threadripper. Not sure if its even physically possible, but would be interesting to pursue.
Amazing Shots / Re: Balisong Knife
« Last post by Josh Mings on Today at 12:13:29 pm »
Looks amazing Pouya! Just love it.
Amazing Shots / Re: RENDER WEEKLY CHALLENGE _Simple camera
« Last post by Josh Mings on Today at 11:58:52 am »
Yep, I really like this a lot. Way to make a photo of a camera look interesting. Well done!
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