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Texture mapping and labeling / Re: Keyshot 7 - Normal projection is gone?
« Last post by MWo on Today at 09:32:59 pm »

Have you ever used the default mapping type of labels? Just activate the move / position tool and be surprised how good the new projection work. It is not necessary to switch to orthographic camera if working with normal projection.
KeyShot7 have great label mapping features.
Just look into the KS7 videos in the YouTube channel by Luxion.

Amazing Shots / Re: Nokia 8800 (Updated)
« Last post by Benny Lee on Today at 07:12:14 pm »
So here's an update.

Originally I had the idea of rendering it within a car interior setting but couldn't find a suitable setting, but thanks to Nils I am able to achieve this :)

Cool! Since you asked, here's my honest Crit:
1. I think the first of the two has better composition.
2. I think it's too dark overall.
3. It looks like you could tessellate a bit higher (highlights seem faceted)
4. I think you need a low, small, bright light source to pop out details like the edges of buttons, etc.

Will's feedback is helpful so I tackled those areas and here's two more to vote! Closeup or wide shots?
Amazing Shots / Re: Pioneer DDJ-SX2
« Last post by Rex on Today at 05:38:50 pm »
Looks great! Nice translucent buttons and radial brushed textures! Maybe the black is a tad dark?
Texture mapping and labeling / Keyshot 7 - Normal projection is gone?
« Last post by shany78 on Today at 05:11:19 pm »

I do a lot of labelling on packaging box. Used to have the Normal Projection option to apply artwork labels on each side of the packaging box, but now the normal projection option is gone.

What is other option to apply label? For me planar doesn't work so much because it doesn't rotate when we move/rotate models.

There is new option called 'node' in the mapping type but can't find any help on how to use it.

Please help. All I need is to apply label on each side of the packaging box (square/rectangular).

Thank you.
Nico, love these things. Especially the translucent white with splatter. 
Rhino offers some of the best transform/deform tools in my opinion. Nicely done.

Amazing Shots / Character Illustration - Gobling
« Last post by RobertoDT on Today at 01:47:09 pm »
Character base on the manga Goblin Slayer
Sculpted in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot
Bugs and issues / Rounded edges on parts with multiple materials
« Last post by avsh_noham on Today at 01:05:30 pm »
Hey everyone.

I read many threads regarding rounded edges but can't seem to figure out something.
When I import a single material part from Solidworks to KS6, I manage to round the edges nicely. But when I import a multi material part, with some surfaces from one material and other surfaces from another, KS doesn't allow any rounded edges between them.
Is it the way it is, or is there something I could do?
In the images you can see a model I imported with pre-added rounded edges, and the another with outlined edges using occlusion mask with added contrast but without the rounded edges that I need.

Materials / Re: Final exam
« Last post by jackynikola on Today at 12:56:31 pm »
Thak you so much for the help. I am in process of texturing. After I finish I will upload result so you can give me some professional criticism.
Amazing Shots / Re: Día de los Muertos Ring
« Last post by crazer on Today at 11:35:18 am »
Wooah. Love this one man.
Thank you!  :) ;)
Bugs and issues / Re: PSD Preview macOS
« Last post by PeterSwift on Today at 11:33:59 am »
So please it would be grreat if you fixed this. Everyone complains about this with keyshot to be honest. But I guess the windows users are used to it.
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