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Lighting / Cone Light Control
« Last post by CheapBeer on Today at 03:02:23 pm »
I've imported a spotlight model with a sphere where the physical bulb would be and assigned a spotlight material to it from the menu.
When controlling the light direction the cone appears as a dot, and only when zooming way in can I see the cone.
Q: Can I increase the size of the cone icon so I can see it in the room, and why is this happening?
General discussion / Re: denoise AND noisy in one shot?
« Last post by KeyShot on Today at 02:54:59 pm »
The raw image is intended for this purpose. If you do not want to deal with gamma correction - or if you have other image output effects (tone mapping, color mapping, bloom etc.) enabled then a simple trick is to add the raw image as a backplate in the scene and remove all geometry, so it will get processed with the same effects.
Benchmark / Re: 3990x Benchmark - 982fps
« Last post by 3D Off the Page on Today at 01:52:48 pm »
We are running Windows 10 Pro for Workstations which does see and use all 64 cores / 128 threads.
NX / Plugin only with Enterprise license?
« Last post by earache on Today at 12:55:44 pm »
My design team currently has Keyshot Pro licenses and our company is going to be transitioning to NX over the next few years.  I notice that the NX plugin is only available with an Enterprise license... why?  What makes it different from other plugins?  I'm not sure I can justify the expense to move to Enterprise.
Bugs and crashes / NR studio name through queue broken
« Last post by andy.engelkemier on Today at 12:06:12 pm »
This happened to my coworker, then happened to me also.
Name is 555_FakeName.[Active Studio].psd

I have 5 colors and 2 cameras. That's 10 studios I have to create (it will be a ton more for final which is why I'm concerned)

We render to PSD with Add to PSD, clown mask with labels, and the render size is 7000x7000 (just to keep things consistent just in case)

Of course, you can't just send them all to the network. First you have to add them all to the queue. So add all your studios to the queue. Wait a few minutes. Then submit to the network.
First file name: 555_FakeName.
Wait.....what happened to your active studio? Second filename? It's the error archiving. And they all fail except the first one.

For whatever reason, sending them 3 at a time works ok. But at that point, I can just send them directly to the network one at a time.

Is the name only updating if the render window is active? I'm not sure why 3 at a time would still work, but I did notice the name doesn't update until I activate the render output.

That's the best I've got for now. I'll add back in global revision as well in hopes that I can at least get my renders quickly.
Amazing Shots / Re: Automotive
« Last post by Ballenger on Today at 10:53:25 am »
I adore your material about photography, it is always so useful to me.
Amazing Shots / Re: NM Render Thread // 2019 (+ Anchor / Space Core)
« Last post by NM-92 on Today at 10:47:20 am »
Thanks ! I always add smoke/sparkles in post. Much more versatile in terms of adjusting visibility and color.
General Support / Re: Support Portal - didn't receive registration mail
« Last post by Justin A on Today at 10:45:40 am »
Hello Mario,

Please email me direct at [email protected] with the username and Email address used and I will clear this up for you.

Rendering / Re: Clown pass - one color?
« Last post by DMerz III on Today at 08:07:58 am »
Two options that have worked for me in the past;

Process One - more control - more effort;
It is a bit of a PITA to setup -  duplicate the modelset - unlink all the materials - make them all FLAT shaders, open up the color library and just drag and drop a bunch of different colors. Less ideal if you have a bunch of geometry to work through, but when the clown pass fails and you 'gotta' have it, we do it, render as a separate pass low samples - should go pretty fast.

Option 2 - less 'control'
Render with a 'diffuse' pass - a lot of the times, this works just as well as a clown just inheirting the diffuse color of an object. Sometimes when paired with a clown - I can find enough 'overlapping differences'. Won't work as well if you're dealing with a lot of transparent materials as those don't have a diffuse color.
Rendering / Re: Clown pass - one color?
« Last post by andy.engelkemier on Today at 07:01:58 am »
I get this Fairly often. It's Very annoying. Two different materials, with the same color often end up being the same color. It's a completely different material, but the clown mask is useless.
I haven't found a good solution. But an idea I just thought of to cheat would be to add a completely transparent label on each model you want to be different. You can include labels in clown masks. I don't think it takes transparency into consideration. So you could put bright green, bright red, etc and since they are so different, they Should choose a different color in the clown mask......maybe. Just an idea to fool keyshot into doing what you want it to do instead of doing the automatic things that only work sometimes.
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