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Materials / Material Graph Monday - Material Graph Tutorials
« Last post by Will Gibbons on Today at 04:41:25 pm »
Hi all,

Embarrassed to say it's been ages since I've been on the forum. I'd really love to spend more time checking in, but running my own business has been incredibly time-consuming and I have to be very picky with how I spend my time. I miss everyone here though.

If you haven't come across it yet, I wanted to share a YouTube tutorial series I've been creating and releasing weekly. Each week I break down a new material and walk you through how to create it using the Material Graph. Below, you'll find links to the ones I've created and posted so far, and I hope to check in and update this thread with new episodes.

If you have questions, requests or want to share your renderings created by following along with a tutorial, I encourage you to reply to this thread and chime in!

Here's what I've posted so far:
Week 1 - Brushed Stainless Steel -
Week 2 - Worn Steel -
Week 3 - Flickering Candle Flame -
Week 4 - Ripstop Nylon Fabric -
Week 5 - Speckled Ceramic -
Week 6 - Solid Wood -
Week 7 - Cardboard -
Week 8 - Cloudy Plastic -
Week 9 - Coming Soon....

Thanks for checking this post out!
Amazing Shots / Bedroom
« Last post by Jikkk on Today at 03:31:15 pm »
Hey, this time I went 'interior' with this simple design I made. Interior lighting has been always confusing, but Richard Funnel awesome webinar cleared so many things. Scene was lit by an outdoor hdr and two area lights. Please give some feedback so I improve this.
General discussion / Re: AMD EPYC 7742 and 7702 64 Core Processors
« Last post by mattjgerard on Today at 01:24:28 pm »
I have not myself, but am interested as well. Not sure if the ROI due to the cost is worth it, but just like for the Dual Proc XEON systems, you want to play with large core counts all it takes is $$$ Last time I looked into it, supermicro was the only place making Mb's for them.
Amazing Shots / Where is Administration ??
« Last post by agrohimspr on Today at 12:21:43 pm »
Can I contact admin??
It is important.
General discussion / AMD EPYC 7742 and 7702 64 Core Processors
« Last post by kreita on Today at 10:40:45 am »
Wondering if anyone has first hand experience with these new processors and how they perform with Keyshot.

Maya / KeyShot 8 Plugin for Maya - Update Available (1.3)
« Last post by Josh3D on Today at 08:20:51 am »
A new KeyShot 8 plugin for Maya is now available:

- Support for Maya 2019
- Fixed missing geometry on update
- Fixed missing geometry when updating to empty model set
- Uninstaller now removes KeyShot shelf from all Maya versions
- Notarized for MacOS

View the installation/release notes and download the plugin here.

As always, please send any issues to [email protected]
Maya / Re: Plugin for Maya 2019
« Last post by Josh3D on Today at 08:18:30 am »
The KeyShot for Maya plugin with support for Maya 2019 is available here:
Wish List / Re: Please support the AMD card!
« Last post by Furniture_Guy on Today at 07:40:54 am »
Sorry wendi94, you're chasing windmills on this one...

Perry (Furniture_Guy)
Nice find! Thanks for posting this, made the change and you are correct, it is much more visible!
Wish List / Re: Please support the AMD card!
« Last post by Eugen Fetsch on Today at 05:39:19 am »
I had a similar message in an Apple forum - "Please support NVIDIA cards"  ;D
They ignored me  :'(
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