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Wish List / Splash Window Requests
« Last post by bharris on Today at 04:37:46 pm »

1) Make splash screen movable (a la MS Office)
2) Make splash screen not always on top (a la MS Office or Adobe CC)

When a file is opened by double clicking, the splash screen takes over the screen. You can't move it out of the way or reorder it so you can't use the center of your screen. On smaller screens, you have to wait completely. This is especially a large issue when the file is across a network and may take minutes to load. If it could be moved, at least you could slide it to the edge of the screen. But just allowing it to fall behind other windows would be the best.
Like Rex, I'd recommend the color fade to do this. Quite a bit simpler and arguably more robust than multiple fade animations. Though, both will likely get you there.
Bugs and issues / Re: Keyshot 8 is not able to save .bip files
« Last post by jiyang1018 on Today at 03:08:04 pm »
Using Solidworks plugin send to Keyshot 8, then I cannot save .bip file. I can save package, but I still cannot save .bip after I open that package.
Opening keyshot 7 files is fine, but cannot save .bip file. It prompt new version cannot be opened in keyshot 7 but then failed to save.
Import Solidworks assembly file from Keyshot 8, then I can save .bip file.
Import a keyshot 7 file into any scene, then I cannot save .bip file.
Another thing to note, if I save .bip and choose to overwrite another .bip file, it will fail to save and delete the original .bip file.
I hope this can help dev team to find the issue. Now I have to re import all my sub assembly models in keyshot 8 and re applly all materials.
That's amazing. I know what it took to get my machine to 450fps, and from what I see that cost goes up logarithmically to get over 500! For a render machine that's a beast. I'm feeling more and more the divide between # of cores and core speed, as the 3d apps I use have a lot of single thread operations. But man, is that a new record?
I'll go ahead and say I'm properly jealous of that machine. Will you be posting any work here, or is this a one-and-done post from this profile?
Amazing Shots / Re: New product renderings 2018
« Last post by BasTel on Today at 01:19:24 pm »
Absolutely stunning images!
Amazing Shots / Re: The Stream Of Life
« Last post by Will Gibbons on Today at 01:11:44 pm »
Yeah, I second Rex's comment!
Amazing Shots / Re: Various Renders (Scientific Coffee Maker added)
« Last post by Will Gibbons on Today at 01:10:40 pm »
Fantastic set of images! Yeah, I have a stove I want to add flames to. Haven't decided how I want to approach it yet. Yours look good though!
General discussion / What would cause less than full CPU use?
« Last post by mattjgerard on Today at 01:10:13 pm »
I have a rather large scene 67mil triangles, probably not as optimized as it could be, but with KS just sitting there its not using my CPU as much as it does with a simpler scene. with KS set to use 100% from the CPU Useage dropdown, the system reports only 50-60% use. I open a demo scene with the cutaway material and it shoots to 97%. Is this expected behavior, that as the scene grows it gets less efficient?

I am trying to optimize me scene as mych as I can, as when I send to my NR node, it will use 100% for about 3 min then drop down to 3-5% and sit there. Temps are all within acceptable on both machines. Anything else that might cause this?

I can't specifically tie this to any changes, but I did upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 on my main machine, but the render node always had 10 on it. Might it be connected to the KS7 to 8 update?

Thanks all!
Hey there,

ist it possible that Keyshot can't save a .bip file when I have an alembic file imported, that is exported (from cinema 4d) with spline information?
I've tried several changes to my files but I think every time I check the spline box in the export window Keyshot is shutting down as soon as I try to save the imported file as .bip file.

I would be glad if you could help me out with this, need it for my bachelor-thesis ;-)

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