Amazing visuals. In real-time.

KeyShot 7 brings you more ways to create, more material possibilities, and more lighting control, with the real-time speed and the flexibility you need in the most advanced 3D rendering and animation platform available. Less time tweaking settings. More time creating. Go from model import to amazing visual, in minutes, in real-time–just the way it should be.

More Ways to Create

Create the way you want to, right from the start.

More Material Possibilities

More materials to create the perfect look for every part.

More Lighting Control

Adjust faster and show your product in the best light.

More Flexible User Interface

Customization KeyShot to match your workflow.

More Ways To Create

You use KeyShot to create visuals quickly. KeyShot 7 brings you more ways to do just that. From fast rendering and animation setup to creating model variations and product configurations for presentation, KeyShot 7 brings you more ways to create those amazing visuals.

KeyShot Configurator

The KeyShot Configurator allows you to present model and material variations in real-time for design reviews or touch-enabled customer experiences. Create advanced product configurators quickly through a step-by-step setup of models, components and material selections, then customize the interface layout options to provide an incredible interactive experience.

Panoramic Lens

Enable Panoramic Lens to use Spherical or Cube Map mode in real-time or render out to create spherical EXR images to use as environments to light other scenes or load in VR.

Model Sets

Create different variations of models and parts in a single scene show models in different states or using different materials.

VR Headset support

With support for VR headsets, including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, experience real-time VR within KeyShot or output your stills and animations to view using your VR hardware.


Apply any combination of different materials to any part to facilitate non-destructive material swapping, variations and color studies.


KeyShot Studios are an all-new feature to create and save scene variations in one file for quick presentation, with a combination of cameras, environments, models or materials.

Walkthrough Mode

More control in Walkthrough Mode with collision detection to prevent walking through objects with simple sensitivity control.

More Material Possibilities

KeyShot has always been focused on providing the most scientifically accurate material appearances possible. KeyShot 7 refines this with more materials and texture types to provide exactly the look you need.

Amazing Materials

The new Cloudy Plastic material contains light-scattering particles to replicate complex, scientifically accurate materials such as Polycarbonate or ABS. The Metal material introduces over 10 scientifically accurate metal presets while all materials and textures have been updated with unit-aware settings. Easily apply textures with the new interactive mapping tool and do more with Tri-Planar, Tile UV and Video Maps and new procedural brush, mesh and weave textures.
Image: John Seymour

Metallic Paint

Create deep, rich candy coats with the new texturable clear-coat color with complete control over clear-coat thickness.

New Texture Mapping

Apply textures faster with the new interactive mapping tool. Apply textures using Tri-planar, Tile UV or apply video maps.

Toon Material

More control over contours and the ability to change shadow color and texture or change the visibility of shadows produced by light materials.

New Procedurals

Color and Number Fade animations now make it possible to quickly adjust material colors or settings, change materials opacity or fade lights.

Material Templates

Material templates have been completely updated to make it faster and easier to setup and apply materials across all parts at import.

Unit-Aware Settings

Adjust your material and texture settings using actual values based on the units set for your scene.

More Lighting Control

Drop in an environment and see your scene lit instantly in real-time. A workflow now unique to KeyShot with abilities to change, create and control lighting in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Choose Your Environment

When you want to switch an environment, it should be easy. KeyShot 7 introduces the ability to apply multiple environments to a scene, switch it as quick as you like and see the results instantly. Choose a studio, an outdoor scene or position sun and sky exactly where you want them.
Image: Nils Piirma

Integrated HDRI Editor

The KeyShot HDRI Editor is now integrated in the Environment tab for a more fluid environment editing experience.

Interactive Sun & Sky

Drag and drop positioning of the sun with additional settings to dial in your own Sun & Sky environment.

HDRI Gradients

Gradients have been added to the HDRI Editor for both HDRI light pins and as an additional background option.

Occlusion Ground Shadows

Quickly and easily toggle occlusion ground shadows on or off.

HDRI Export

Set up your lighting and save it out. KeyShot 7 now allows you to export your HDRI environments in HDR, EXR and HDZ formats.

Reflection Contrast

The ground material in KeyShot 7 now allows complete control over the ground material reflection contrast.

More Flexible User Interface

KeyShot 7 provides more flexibility in the user interface with the ability to create your own Workspaces, reorder tabs, preview parts in the scene tree, and enjoy an improved experience on a 4k display.

Customize Your Interface

You now have more flexibility in the KeyShot user interface with the ability to create and save multiple Workspaces built around the way you work. Customize tab appearance and location or dock, undock and stack windows any way you like.

Custom Tabs

Each tab on the KeyShot Project and Library windows can now be hidden, reordered or undocked.

4k Support

Enjoy a clean, crisp user experience with full 4k resolution support in KeyShot 7.

Custom Ribbon

Set up the KeyShot Ribbon to display only your most used tools for faster, more convenient access.

Color Picker

Quickly toggle gamma corrected values or apply image gamma to color swatches and color picker settings.

Custom Hotkeys

Complete customization for all KeyShot hotkeys and additional quick presets for 3D modeling software view control.

Scene Tree Preview

A new hover state preview for Scene Tree Items displays the model to speed up search and selection.

KeyShot Viewer

KeyShot Viewer is a free, stand-alone application that enables secure sharing of KeyShot scenes for interactive, photo-realistic 3D model viewing, presentation and configuration, using the same real-time ray tracing render engine as KeyShot to produce amazing visuals with speed and quality.

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What KeyShot Users are Saying

“KeyShot 7 is jam-packed with advanced features that cost twice as much in other software. As a product designer, the updated, high-resolution library is a game changer for client presentation.”

Benny Lee

3D Design Lead, The Coca-Cola Company

“The newly added automatically created render passes for KeyShot 7 covers all that I need for a fully efficient workflow, and removes any need to manually render anything but the beauty pass. With the fully integrated HDRI editor, my workflow has gone from fast to even faster, enabling me to set up my lighting studio on the fly with immediate results.”

Magnus Skogsfjord

Product Manager NX, Zenith Systems AS

“Studios are a fantastic way to efficiently organize variations of a product. They let me configure a single product in multiple ways logically and quickly, which in turn speeds up the rendering process.”

Eric Summers

CAD Design Specialist, Water Pik, Inc.

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