Amazing renderings in a few, simple steps.

How KeyShot Works - Step 1: Import Your Model

Step 1: Import Your 3D Model

Import SolidWorks, Solid Edge, SketchUp, Alias, PTC Creo, Rhino, Onshape, Fusion 360, IGES, STEP, FBX, OBJ, and more data directly. With the widest 3D format support and many plugins, importing your model is quick and efficient.

How KeyShot Works - Step 2: Apply Materials

Step 2: Color Your Model

Drag and drop any of the 700+ scientifically accurate materials onto your model. The real-time view instantly shows how the applied material appears on your model with accurate color and lighting.

How KeyShot Works - Step 3: Choose Your Lighting

Step 3: Choose Your Lighting

Simply select an environment (HDRI). As soon as you drag and drop the lighting environment into your scene you will notice the effect of the scientifically accurate real-world lighting and how it captures your models, colors, and finishes.

How KeyShot Works - Step 4: Adjust Your Camera

Step 4: Adjust Your Camera

Framing your scene is just as easy as using a real camera. Adjust the angle and distance, control perspective with focal length and field of view settings, and easily add depth of field to your scene. Capturing your scene has never been so simple.

Step 5: Enjoy the Perfect Shot

Now watch as your image renders before your eyes. From start to finish, a simple 5-step process to create incredible visuals fast and easy, all in real-time.

How KeyShot Works - Step 5: Enjoy the Perfect Shot
911 Singer Model: Szymon Kubicki

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