What is KeyShot?

KeyShot is an interactive raytracing and global illumination program developed by Luxion for both PC and Mac that breaks down the complexity of creating photographic images from 3D models. KeyShot is the replacement for the HyperShot software, the first interactive raytracing and global illumination program, also developed by Luxion. Featuring the same 6 button user interface, KeyShot also has a number of significant improvements over the HyperShot software. KeyShot uses a physically correct and CIE verified rendering engine featuring many innovations developed by 2004 Academy Award© Winner Dr. Henrik Wann Jensen. Some of the core features of KeyShot are: CPU driven, runs on any modern PC or Mac, Unbiased Sampling Techniques that compute mathematically correct results, Scientifically Accurate Materials, Multi-Core Photon Mapping, Adaptive Material Sampling, and a Dynamic Light Core that allow users to see results at the same time as changes are being made. Combined with its ease of use KeyShot gives anybody involved with 3D data the ability to create photographic images in a matter of minutes, independent of the size of the digital model. KeyShot supports many native file formats, including ALIAS, CATIA, PTC Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, Rhino, SketchUp, Obj, IGES and STEP.

Who is Luxion?

Luxion was founded in 2003. Luxion is the developer of the HyperShot software, the first interactive raytracing and global illumination program of its kind. Luxion specializes in technology advancing state of the art in computer based lighting simulations. We have expert knowledge in areas related to daylighting (atmospheric scattering), light scattering by materials (BRDF and BSSRDF models), light transport algorithms such as photon mapping, and realtime rendering technology. We offer consulting and develop proprietary applications and libraries for customers in need for software capable of precisely calculating the scattering of light in complex 3D environments.

What file formats does KeyShot support?

KeyShot currently supports the following formats:

  • ALIAS 2013 and prior (needs to be installed)
  • AutoCAD (DWG/DXF)
  • CATIA v5
  • PTC Creo 2.0 and prior
  • Inventor 2013 and prior
  • Maya 2013 and prior (needs to be licensed)
  • NX 8.5 and prior
  • Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2 – 5
  • Rhinoceros 4 and prior
  • SketchUp 8 and prior
  • Solid Edge ST5 and prior
  • SolidWorks 2013 and prior
  • IGES
  • JT
  • STEP AP203/214
  • OBJ
  • Parasolid
  • FBX including part/camera animation
  • 3DS
  • Collada

Plugins are available for PTC Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, Rhino, SketchUp, and Solidworks. To learn more, please see the technical specs.

What system requirements does KeyShot have?

System requirements can be seen here.

What is new in KeyShot?

All new features can be seen on the What’s New page. This page is updated for each release of KeyShot. For updates in releases of KeyShot, please see the KeyShot updates page.

Does KeyShot run on Windows?

Yes, KeyShot runs on Windows. System requirements for Windows can be seen here.

Does KeyShot run on Mac OS X?

Yes, KeyShot runs on Mac OS X. System requirements for Mac OS X can be seen here.

How can I buy KeyShot?

You can either buy directly in the KeyShot Store, or by contacting sales@luxion.com.

How are upgrades handled?

Luxion offers an annual subscription for all versions of KeyShot at 20% of the list price. The subscription will cover all upgrades as well as priority e-mail support. Please contact sales@luxion.com for more information.

How do I transfer my license of KeyShot to a new machine?

KeyShot requires a valid internet connection on both machines for a successful license transfer. Simply deactivate your license from the original machine. You will find the option to deactivate under “Help”(Windows) or “KeyShot”(Mac OSX). Once the license has been deactivated, please proceed with registering the license on the new machine.

Why when I open KeyShot I just see a black screen?

It is important to make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card, which can be found on your grapics card manufactures website. You can also disable “Graphics effects” from within the Preferences -> Advanced menu, the problem should be resolved.

Where can I download previous versions of KeyShot?

All previous version of KeyShot can be downloaded from the “Previous downlaods” page, which can be found here here. Please contact license@luxion.com for floating links.

Why when I import my file it says “Your file does not contain 3D geometry” when it clearly does?

It is important to make sure you have all part files in the same folder as your assembly file, and the file is compatible with KeyShot. All supported file types for KeyShot can be found here. We also have plugins that work with your modeling software. A list of plugins can be found here.

What is KeyShotVR?

With KeyShotVR, users can create high-quality, touch-enabled, 3D rendered content capable of being displayed in any web browser supporting HTML5. The content can be viewed using mouse or finger on touch-enabled devices and does not require a browser plugin to work. Furthermore, KeyShot is not WebGL based and is therefore able to deliver the highest quality of images possible across the widest range of devices. Examples can be found here.

Can I embed a KeyShotVR in a *.pdf file?

KeyShotVR cannot be embedded into a *.pdf file. Other options for sharing your KeyShotVR can be found here in the KeyShotVR section.

What is the difference between the HyperShot software and KeyShot?

KeyShot 1.9 is identical to the software formerly known as HyperShot. Both applications have been developed by Luxion and are utilizing the same rendering engine. KeyShot can open all of your .bip files, use all HyperShot materials, as well as textures and HDRIs. KeyShot 1.9 features the same user interface as the HyperShot software, except for a change in name, splash screen, and icons. KeyShot 2 and later versions feature many improvements over the HyperShot software in the area of usability, rendering, performance and data import. Learn more about How KeyShot is Different.

Can I upgrade to KeyShot and how much does it cost?

Every HyperShot software user can upgrade to the equivalent KeyShot 1.9 version free of charge. This is a permanent upgrade of any version that you may have: Web, HD, SolidWorks Edition, Pro, Pro Floating, Education. HyperShot customers can upgrade to the current version of KeyShot for an upgrade fee. Learn more about upgrade pricing here.

Why should I upgrade to KeyShot?

KeyShot is the continuation of the now obsolete HyperShot software product. Upgrading to KeyShot 1.9 is free. The current version of KeyShot features many more improvements. A full list of what’s new in the current version can be found here.

How do I upgrade my HyperShot software to KeyShot 1.9?

KeyShot 1.9 comes with a migration tool that is built into the installer. This migration tool will automatically copy your HyperShot license file and all HyperShot content to the appropriate places in the KeyShot installation. None of the KeyShot content will be overwritten. NOTE: To migrate from HyperShot Pro Floating to KeyShot please contact license@luxion.com. The content will migrate, but not your license.

Will my previous version be affected when I upgrade to the latest version of KeyShot?

Your previous version of KeyShot will not be affected when the new version is installed. The new version will be a completely new install, which you will be able to run side-by-side with previous versions.

Does the latest version of KeyShot support my previous version content?

All of your content that was created in a previous version of KeyShot will be able to be opened, and supported on the latest version of KeyShot. Content created in newer versions is not backwards compatible.

I have a maintenance contract – will this be honored?

We will provide a free upgrade from the previous version of KeyShot to the latest. We are also offering subscription with all of our products. If you have a current maintenance contract through a third party company, please contact sales@luxion.com.

Does KeyShot take advantage of the CPU and GPU?

KeyShot is a fully optimized CPU-based render engine.

What is network rendering?

Network rendering gives you the ability to take advantage of multiple systems on your network, for rendering images, animations, and KeyShotVR’s. More information can be found here.

Where can I find tutorials and other learning resources?

We offer a learning section which can be found here. You will find our manual for the current version of KeyShot, as well as tutorials, quick tips, and webinars.