Vax is the UK’s best selling floorcare brand. Ever since we first started to make vacuum cleaners in the 1970s, we’ve made it our business to listen carefully to what people want and create machines that perform brilliantly. All our flagship products are designed by our team of engineers at Vax’s UK headquarters in Worcestershire.

Vax Ltd.

Modeling/CAD software used Pro/ENGINEER® Wildfire 5

Over the past two years, the use of KeyShot® has dramatically increased productivity within the Vax New Product Development team. Whether we are rendering initial design concepts, client presentations or high resolution packaging images, Keyshot® has provided Vax with an unsurpassed render tool. The implementation of lighting, materials and environment are perfect for achieving photo realistic outputs that always deliver the wow factor.

Now an invaluable tool used throughout our design process, Keyshot® is also used to explore new colour and material opportunities to extend product shelf life without the expense of stripping a physical unit down into its constituent parts, spraying them the correct colour and then re-building – often through several iterations to find the correct colour scheme. We now eagerly wait for Keyshot 3 and the opportunities it holds for animation…

Vax Ltd.

Vax render team – left: Guy Newsom, right: James Grant