Saskia Dattner is a successful jewelry designer who develops innovative jewelry – focused on design for all ages. Saskia has developed lines for several major German jewelry distributors and relies heavily on the use of 3D software for her designs. The use of KeyShot has helped to bring her 3D designs to life right in front of her customers.

Saskia Dattner

Modeling/CAD software used

“As a designer I work primarily in the area of jewelry design. KeyShot enables me to visualize my CAD data as an “as if finished” product in the shortest amount of time. This supports my presentations on site in front of a customer immensely.

The generation of rendered images happens directly in front of your eyes in just a matter of seconds. This way I can – just equipped with my laptop – respond to my client’s wishes as far as materials and colors to further support decisions for the final product. Based on the large variety of materials and colors and the sheer endless possibilities of combining these the client can see the product exactly the way it is going to be (what you see is what you get)

Furthermore, I can present unconventional color ideas in order to promote new ideas to my clients. When you see the product on screen, you just want to grab it. That’s how good the quality is. Some designs appear rather “static”. KeyShot makes CAD look “real”.

When it comes to my designs. liveliness is of great importance to me. Jewelry is meant to be worn, but also to be used. KeyShot gives life to CAD the way I imagine the real product. By using KeyShot I can spend more time focusing on my design, because I know that making it look real only takes a matter of seconds.”

Saskia Dattner
3D Jewelry Designer / Industrial Designer
Graduate – Fachhochschule Pforzheim, Germany