Motivo, headquartered in Gardena, CA, is an innovative and agile product development engineering firm comprised of industrial designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, fabricators and project management teams. Its mission is to deliver better products faster for clients working on the next generation of hardware in industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial automation, consumer tech, GreenTech and personal mobility. Here, Senior Industrial Designer Vicente Magana shares how KeyShot supports the company’s success.

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What’s the inspiration behind Motivo?

Motivo was founded by a group of auto racing engineers who wanted to work on cool projects, on tight deadlines, at the cutting edge of technology. We provide a faster path to product realization through creative, cross-disciplinary combinations of innovative engineering, in-house prototyping and batch manufacturing, rapid product visualization, and an integrated branding and design studio. We embrace the unconventional and bring creativity to every phase of the product development cycle.

Vicente Maga

What are you proud of achieving?

Motivo incubated the first 3D printed supercar and the first fully autonomous EV tractor, but we’re most proud of the incredible group of creative people who make up Motivo!

How has utilizing KeyShot helped Motivo save time, money and enhance quality?

KeyShot has helped Motivo better communicate with our clients throughout the product development process. Generating visuals in their environment with proxy materials and animating their functions eliminates countless hours of back-and-forth discussions. If I had to estimate a dollar amount, I would say a gazillion and a half dollars.

What KeyShot features are most helpful to you?

The extensive materials library is extremely helpful, especially the miscellaneous options. Often, they afford an extra layer of detail that would take far too long to 3D model.

Why would you recommend KeyShot?

Shortening product development timelines without cutting corners is really important for our clients. I would recommend KeyShot to reassure your client the project is heading in the right direction, instill confidence, and make everyone’s job easier by creating a visual north star.