Mixer Design Group specializes in technology product design and engineering for global electronics, bioscience and healthcare companies. Mixer’s focus is on making clients’ technology innovations useful and meaningful for their customers.

Mixer Design Group

Modeling/CAD software used

Mixer’s clients benefit from specialized knowledge in industrial design and mechanical engineering, human factors, material selection and global manufacturing.

Working with Mixer, you get the critical expertise and guidance you need to move from product concept to a practical, desirable and profitable product you can ship. Founded in 2002, Mixer Design Group is based in Austin, TX.

“In product design, it all comes down to presentation. In design consulting, if you cannot communicate your designs effectively, the greatest idea will ultimately fail. KeyShot has enabled us to show clients highly realistic renderings of their product very early in the development process. Our clients have been able to use these renderings to get better marketing information and sell their products both internally and externally. With KeyShot, renderings that used to take a day to set up and 15 hours to render can now be achieved in 10-15 minutes. The new guys don’t know how good they have it!”