If you’re in the product design industry, you’ve likely heard of Walter Herbst and Herbst Produkt. Their capabilities are as broad as what Walter has brought to modern product design over the last 50 years. Creating award-winning designs and gathering even more recognition, Herbst Produkt has delivered iconic design to clients such as Sephora, The Home Depot, Crate & Barrel, Husky, Clorox and many, many more. We asked Scot Hurbst, Walter’s son and Creative Director, about how KeyShot has transformed their workflow.

Scot Herbst / Herbst Produkt

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Scot and Walter Herbst

With design playing such a big role in his family, Scot has been an Industrial Designer practically his entire life. “My father Walter Herbst was the founder and Chairman of HLB (Herbst LaZar Bell) in Chicago, one of the oldest and largest product design consulting firms in the world, founded in the early ’60s,” Scot tells us. Herbst Produkt was founded in 2012 with offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Shanghai. Scot is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Art and Design, San Jose State University, and on the Advisory Board for Olive, San Francisco’s leading manufacturer of lifestyle driven hi-fi digital music servers.

Herbst Produkt uses SolidWorks for the lifestyle products, using KeyShot to create visuals throughout the design, engineering, branding, marketing and retail development. “KeyShot has pretty much done for our studio what it’s done for most if not all of my design colleagues–completely revolutionized the way we work and present our ideas.” Scot explains, “Our workflow is so seamless it’s scary, I can’t imagine another transformation of the same magnitude in my lifetime. But then again, none of us ever imagined photorealism would ever be so effortless and fast.”

Herbst Produkt continues to deliver great products to market, creating memorable brands with expertise that taps their deep roots on the industry. They have a passion for education, sharing their knowledge, that matches their passion for crafting a single vision for an idea and seeing it through to completion. Both of which continue to inspire the next generation of design professionals. To see more of their projects and learn more about their capabilities, visit them on the web at herbstprodukt.com or on their Facebook page at facebook.com/HerbstProdukt.