Fuad Quadari’s approach to hard surface design reveals his interest in form and proportion with unique concepts of highly detailed mechs, figures and masks rendered completely in KeyShot. He takes us through his inspiration, approach and the reasons he uses KeyShot for his visuals.


Modeling software used: 3D-Coat
Website: Artstation

fuad-quaderi-mech-keyshot-01tnWhat sparked your interest in becoming a 3D Artist?
I remember when I first saw the Final Fantasy X Playstation 2 cover. I was so impressed by the quality of the modeling, lighting, and rendering of that scene, but I didn’t know about 3D, it motivated me to search, to learn about 3D art and animation.

What are the highlights in your career?
I started modeling and rendering in an architecture office when I was 18. I didn’t like the job, but it was good experience for learning 3D modeling and rendering. To be honest, Iran wasn’t a good place to learn to be a professional artist in this industry, and still isn’t, but I started to learn, kept at it and didn’t get discourage by the comments from other people.

You have a unique style. What inspired this and how do you approach a project?
That’s a hard question. Personally, I love to explore new shapes and study forms, silhouettes and proportion. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and love to know what people think about my shapes. I think anything can be a source of inspiration for each subject–music, art, personal feelings of happiness, sadness, love, hate, peace, etc..

With KeyShot, you can select and use so many useful materials and environments in just few seconds, and have results in just a few more seconds.”

What is your primary 3D modeling software?
I love 3D-Coat because of the amazing speed of modeling and texturing, especially hard surface design and 3D concept art. I think 3D-Coat perfectly compliments the 2D to 3D pipeline for artist with such a natural, smooth workflow of going from one to the other.

Where in the process do you use KeyShot?
When the model is done, I can’t wait to run KeyShot and try the gorgeous materials. Often, KeyShot gives me results much better than what I ever would have thought.


What makes KeyShot an important tool to have?
KeyShot is so fast and user friendly. The user interface is clearly thought out for professional designers. With KeyShot, you can select and use so many useful materials and environments in just few seconds, and have results in just a few more seconds. Compatibility is another great attribute of KeyShot. It runs on weak computers (and runs fast too). Performance mode is my favorite option, which makes navigation and management of heavy scenes smooth without losing the real-time results.

What advice would you give to someone interested in doing what you do?
Though many things may try to deter you, don’t react, respond by doing what you do. Do it better than anyone else. You are the person who knows what are you doing.