Eastman is a world leader in the production of advanced materials, functional products, specialty chemicals, and fibers. Though you may not recognize their products, they are what make possible many of the consumer products we use everyday. On the business-to-business level, Eastman relies on KeyShot for accurate material representation and its advanced lighting capabilities to deliver visuals for everything from automotive and aviation assets to print material and color matching data. We found out more from Eastman Chemical Company, Digital Designer, Bill Jones.

Modeling software used: SolidWorks, Pro/E, Maya
Website: eastman.com/

What is involved in the design process at Eastman?
Eastman Chemical Company is a manufacturer of chemicals, fibers, and plastics materials which are used by our customers as key ingredients to make products you use every day. The majority of our materials are rarely sold directly to the end user. Therefore, our design process is atypical as compared to most KeyShot users. Material education is central to our design process. Rigorous material research and market analysis is integrated throughout the process. Accurate material representation is a “must have” in any Eastman design.

KeyShot has proven to be a very versatile work horse for our technically oriented community as well as the external business community.”

What is the primary 3d modeling software at Eastman?
The primary modeling software at Eastman is SolidWorks. We also lean heavily on Pro/E in our engineering divisions as well as Maya in our marketing communications area. Multiple platforms allow us maximum design flexibility.

Where along the design to marketing process is KeyShot used?
Typically KeyShot will be engaged near the end of the design process after the material value propositions have been well defined.

eastman-chemical-keyshot-04-tnWhat are some of the projects KeyShot has been used on?
KeyShot has been used for our transportation marketing efforts to create a fleet of automotive and aviation assets. These assets highlight various material offerings for the transportation market and are used for investor, shareholder, and customer events as well as university relations efforts and recruiting. Similarly, in the electronics films market KeyShot has aided in generating sales and conference digital and print collateral. KeyShot has also been used alongside a spectrophotometer to calculate color matching data for potential customer product color, material, and finish studies. All-in-all, KeyShot has proven to be a very versatile work horse for our technically oriented community as well as the external business community.

How has KeyShot helped save time, money and/or improve quality?
KeyShot has the ability to rapidly simulate a number of important material value propositions under various technically defined CIE L* a* b* surface and lighting simulations. The combination of speed, material customization, and ease of use has made KeyShot an important material education tool for marketing, sales, and market development functions at Eastman Chemical Company resulting in a net positive impact on media quality and collateral cost savings.