Baser is a start-up company founded in 2014 with a mission to create better base products. Their first product on the market was an innovative and patented parasol base, and the product portfolio is constantly expanding. Louise Ullmann, Head of Brand & Product Development at Baser, shares her story how the start-up uses KeyShot throughout the product design process and for marketing material.



Modeling software used: SOLIDWORKS / Instagram

How KeyShot helped save time, money, and improve quality
We recently just launched our newest addition to the baser product-family, which is our second parasol base model. The parasol base is designed for use on balconies. We did a few rounds of user testing and evaluation throughout the design process, where we made KeyShot renders of different suggestions for the design to get feedback from the end-user. Compared to getting user-feedback based on, for example, 3D-printed prototypes, which would have been much more time consuming and expensive, the KeyShot renders were by far the better choice.

How start-up companies can benefit from KeyShot
For our newest product, the parasol base for balconies, we got more than 2,000 pre-orders before the product went into production. This occurred by showing customers renders of the new product. It confirmed that there was a demand for the product and that we could invest in injection molds for the new product with confidence in knowing that the product would be sellable. For a start-up, there is no time and money for big mistakes, such as launching a product that does not meet the end-user’s demands and will not sell.

It is awesome to see how the renders made in KeyShot have helped our B2B sales staff get the product out in the stores and online.”

Examples of projects where KeyShot has been used
For our B2B-customers, which is primarily DIY stores and similar stores dealing with garden furniture, we have had great success showing them KeyShot renders of our in-store marketing material. Last year, we decided to launch a new product packaging together with a product display solution and we made KeyShot renders of the new designs. It is awesome to see how the renders made in KeyShot have helped our B2B sales staff get the product out in the stores and online.

About Baser
Baser is a start-up company based in Denmark. The Co-founders, Christian and Josefine, founded the company in 2014 and in 2016 their first product was ready for launch. In 2017 they hired their first full-time employee, Louise, to take over the responsibilities for new product development and improvements. She introduced the many advantages of KeyShot to the start-up. Today, Baser is a team of more than 10 people and they have sold more than 30.000 parasol bases worldwide.

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