3DKN is a digital fashion studio set out to help fashion companies on their digital journey and express their designs in innovative ways. Led by Kristina Nedeljkovic, they are changing the industry with digital workflow utilizing KeyShot and the goal of bringing sustainable fashion to businesses around the world.


Modeling software used: CLO
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How have you seen the apparel industry adapt to a digital approach in the last few years?
It’s not easy for fashion industries to adapt as quickly to digitalization as we may think. However, the pandemic shook their boat and 3D creation hit like a storm. I believe this was a “wake-up call” for a lot of fashion businesses worldwide to start using digital tools to help them speed up the process, save some costs in the future and be more flexible.

What’s unique about your design process or approach to a design/concept?
The fact that I have worked in a fast-fashion company and suppliers helped me to understand the business side of it (supply and value chain). 3D Design can be a beautiful image used for marketing or “designed for manufacturing” with the purpose of reducing physical samples which will help reduce waste and costs that fashion is creating for decades now.

Where in your process is KeyShot used?
As a Fashion Designer, I use CLO when I create digital garments, then Blender for trimmings and some simple 3D shapes. I use KeyShot to complete the full design concept and add that final touch of realism. It has an incredible high-quality material library that allows you to achieve great results whether it’s for image or video.

I use KeyShot to complete the full design concept and add that final touch of realism.”

Overall, how has KeyShot helped save time, money, and/or improve quality?
I use KeyShot to create hyper-realistic 3D images and videos that can be used for e-commerce and marketing in fashion. It saves both time and money when you use it for this type of digital content creation; it’s like a virtual photo-shoot. In a matter of hours, you get what you want instead of spending months finding a location, people, props, etc. Overall, KeyShot is a high-quality rendering solution that provides visuals quickly compared with some other software programs.

What advice would you give to others interested in launching a business or new line?
Being on your own is super fun and challenging. What you learn in a few months time is often more than you learn when working years for others. I had a chance to work with some super smart people I was able to learn from too. I would just say the same thing I said to myself before I started, “If you don’t try you will never know if you can do it or not.” Planning is necessary, but you have to take some actions.

“If you don’t try you will never know if you can do it or not.”

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