News – Jun 8, 2015

KeyShot 6 Unveiled at PTC Live 2015

This week, we are at PTC Live 2015 and today we unveil KeyShot 6 to share more about the new features coming to KeyShot The attendees at the show will get a first look at the new version, but we’ve put together a new video that highlights some of the top features coming to KeyShot The highlighted features of KeyShot 6 include new lighting presets, real-time region rendering

News – May 19, 2015

KeyShot 5.3 Released

You’ve all seen the KeyShot 6 preview and know it’s in the works, but we’re adding improvements along the way to KeyShot Today we release KeyShot to make your rendering and animation work smoother, implementing feedback from users and adding support for more Here’s what’s in this release of Features and Improvements: SolidWorks 2015

News – May 16, 2015

KeyShot 6 Feature Preview

We’re very excited to bring you a special weekend sneak peek and the first look at a few of the features coming to the new release of KeyShot 6! Eight new features to give you a taste of what’s in What’s your favorite? In this preview: Interior lighting mode Materials on labels Material graph Material animation Geometry splitting Realtime region render Panorama camera

News – Apr 22, 2015

How Marc J. Goliszek Creates Visuals Using KeyShot

This week, Concept Artist, Marc Goliszek, made a special guest appearance as Keynote speaker at the INNEO Solutions KeyShot World event, speaking on the process he uses to create the amazing visuals you can view in his Using ZBrush, 3ds Max, Photoshop and KeyShot, Mark creates character concepts and product visuals that are truly eye During his presentation he provided

News – Mar 26, 2015

Luxion is Growing! New HQ Coming Soon.

Luxion is growing and, on April 6th, our new US headquarters will be open in a new building with more office space, meeting space and enough room to keep that growth Regular operating hours, including that for sales and technical support, will not be affected during the However, you may see some delay in email and phone response as we get the space set Phone and fax

News – Mar 19, 2015

Innovative Pill Case Concept Wins Award, Visualized Using KeyShot

This is the Vo Pill If you’re on any regular quantity of medication, you’re likely familiar with the standard Monday-Sunday pill box that makes sure you take your pills and makes sure everyone else knows you’re taking them as They’re massive, have the form factor of a bread box and the cool factor of a bed Why shouldn’t they be less conspicuous