How One KeyShot Customer Uses 3D Renderings for Slick Website Visuals

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There’s no doubt that KeyShot can make fabulous 3D renderings, but how you’re able to use them is really where KeyShot proves its value. You would be surprised at how many websites use renderings to show off their product. It makes sense too. It reduces cost by getting rid of studio time, and with KeyShot Alpha channels, you can save out those 3D images and slap them on any background you like. CWD designed and showed what was possible for Raymarine Marine Electronics. Their products include multi-functional touch-screen displays, touch-screen navigation devices, steering wheel controllers and more for recreational boating and light commercial marine applications. Pretty cool stuff, but what’s even cooler is how their site uses product renderings developed completely in KeyShot. Check it.

3D Renderings for product your Website

The product page for the e7 Network MFD (Multi-functional display) is a beautiful example of how Raymarine has constructed an online display of their product. On this page they’ve used .jpg file format for the images, but you could just as easily save out a rendering with a transparent background and optimize it for the web in Photoshop by saving it as a .png file. This would allow your product to be placed on a website, brochure or other graphic materials with the background completely visible. Have a cool example of using renderings for web graphics? Let us know!






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