Announcing KeyShot 4 and Live Linking

We’ve mentioned it on the blog, you’ve read about it in the forums, we’ve posted it on Facebook and some of the staff has even written it with Sharpie on their face… KeyShot 4 is coming. This week we’re out at SolidWorks World 2013, where we are officially announcing KeyShot 4, debuting the new software and demonstrating the new features to the attendees gathering in droves within the SolidWorks World Partner Pavilion. We wanted to give you a little taste of what’s to come as well.

KeyShot4 rendering 01 Announcing KeyShot 4 and Live Linking
New KeyShot 4 Features and Updates
Included in the new release of KeyShot 4 is an updated, cleaner user interface with the ability to dock library, project and animation timeline in a single-window mode. Rendering features include enhancements to material editing with Mold-tech textures and PANTONE and RAL color libraries. There are all new material types that turn any geometry into a local light source, and enhancements to translucent materials, material templates, import, animation and KeyShotVR workflows. (See screenshot here.) With this, render speeds have been optimized to provide faster real-time rendering performance and improved render output. Be sure to sign up for the KeyShot 4 Beta webinar to see the features in action. Register here.

Live Linking
We’ve developed an ability to connect SolidWorks, Creo and Pro/E with KeyShot in a live session. (See screenshot here.) With this enhancement, SolidWorks, Creo and Pro/E users will be able to make a change to the design at any level and send it directly to a running session of KeyShot. The scene inside KeyShot will update automatically and either replace the existing design or add the new design iteration to the existing scene. Live Linking will be included as part of the plugin for KeyShot and can be accessed from the toolbar area in the 3D software with a single click that transfers the updated model to the KeyShot session.

See it at SolidWorks World 2013
Meet us a SolidWorks World 2013 in Orlando, Florida to see the new features coming to KeyShot 4. Live demonstrations will be held daily, January 20th through January 23rd at booth #129 in the Partner Pavilion (hours and information). Information on other Luxion products, Luxion’s reseller program, Education opportunities and special upgrade offers will also be available.

When is it available?
Currently, KeyShot 4 is in private Beta and will be available in Q1 of 2013. Stay tuned for more info over the coming weeks as we near launch. And remember, if you buy KeyShot 3 before the launch, you will get a free upgrade to KeyShot 4. All the details on this offer are here and you don’t need to be present at SolidWorks World to receive the upgrade.

  • genesisdevice

    Any ideas on upgrade pricing for those who already own Keyshot 3 but want to upgrade to 4?

  • BB

    No Live linking for rhino?

    • houk

      yeah, that would be perfect, I hope they are working on it

    • Josh M

      Live linking will be available for Rhino as well :)

  • JoseLuquin

    Just wondering if it would be to much to ask for a more accessible layer control? It would be great to see layer grouping, the ability to reorganize and also layer transparency in Keyshot.

    • Josh M

      Your request shall be granted :)

  • MicMan

    Whats about 3ds max – then I would be your greatest fan ;-)

  • fletchfletch1971

    has the scaling of imported object been fixed? ie: open a model, then import/merge some new geometry, uses goes completely out of scale for some reason

    • Josh M

      Yep! the scaling and import has been improved. Option to “Keep original” on import which keeps the original size, units and location of the model. This will not scale the model, but adjust the environment and camera accordingly.

  • Rob Podell


  • barbarian

    Keyshot 3 worked so well. Please go back to doing what you were doing with keyshot 2.xx

  • Reese Bayley

    Will there be no live linking with Solid Edge?

    • Josh M

      No quite yet. First we’ll need to get that plugin going.

  • barbarian

    How do I do the live linking thing. I got nothing on my solidworks tool bar

    • Josh M

      what version of solidworks are you running?

  • cris

    In previous rhino plugin version it was possible to break linkage betwin the parts of the same layer similar to “unlink material”….now if you make a mistake you must update live liking…for 20 min….whys that?…it was so easy before…