KeyShot 4.1 Preview: Focused Caustics, Procedural Textures, Toon Shading and More…

KeyShot 4.1 Preview: Focused Caustics, Procedural Textures, Toon Shading and More…

It’s down to the wire and we are full steam ahead, finalizing the newest and much anticipated features of KeyShot 4.1. The first update after a major release is always exciting and very soon, we will release KeyShot 4.1 with new capabilities that both complement and enhance the workflow improvements seen in KeyShot 4. Of course, we want toย share a few highlights of what’s to come as well as the focus we had for this release.

KeyShot 4.1 preview

Our focus this release has been to extend the tools that have made KeyShot so powerful. We’ve heard from many of you, how KeyShot is used throughout the entire design process, in concept presentation, for ideation, engineering documentation, marketing, website visuals and sales material. It’s important to us that KeyShot allows 3D professionals to have unlimited flexibility in the creation of these visuals, visuals that, building on the new features in KeyShot 4, are even easier to create with the new capabilities and improvements we are introducing in KeyShot 4.1.

Focused caustics

The new Focused Caustics feature allows you to accurately display the rays of light that reflect or pass through a surface. This compliments the new physical lighting features in KeyShot that allow any object to be used as a Point, Area or IES light profile with added functionality in KeyShot 4.1 to adjust the radius (softness) of cast shadows. Here’s one example that KeyShot user Dries Vervoort create, along with a KeyShotVR.


Procedural textures

The new procedural textures are available when applying a texture type to an object and can be used with any material giving you ultimate flexibility in material appearance. Six preset procedural materials allow a user to immediately apply a seamless texture to any surface with the added ability to scale, adjust bump height and sync to other textures. The six presets include Granite, Leather, Marble, Noise (Texture), Noise (Fractal) and Wood with more planned for future releases. Here is just one example of procedurals used with a metal created by John Seymour.


Toon shading

The non-photorealistic (NPR) toon shader is a material type that allows you to apply solid colors, solid shading and contours to your objects for a flat, cel shading appearance. You can quickly apply this material from the material type selection box, using many options to adjust material color along with contour color, angle, width, quality and more advanced options to adjust contours and shadows. This is another rendering by John Seymour that shows the toon shader in action.


Along with this we have many other features and improvements coming to KeyShot 4.1. The release will be announced within the next few weeks and we look forward to seeing what you create. We’ll also be giving a small preview of some KeyShot 4.1 feature in our upcoming webinar, Best Practice for Working with Textures in KeyShot, Tuesday, May 28th, 2012 at 10AM PDT. You can register here to join the webinar.

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  • Procedural textures… can. not. wait.

  • Zakariya

    Good Old 3dstudio DOS have Animated texture and all popular 3d app have Animated texture and or image sequence support and also new bunkspeed have that to but key shot have none.

  • Pablo

    Exciting! Glad to see both the procedural and also toon shading.

  • Heinrich Botha

    You are doing such an AMAZING Job guys!!!!

  • Greg

    This has made my day

  • Ashok Mahiwal

    Amazing Features…….guys

  • stef

    good the cartoon shading, pantone style and pencil/pen style stroke materials would be nice, to help with work, speed up and offer an help for sketches concepts presentation boards. nowadays many of us with good 3d modelling skills start to create almost immediatilly in 3d. it could help a lot in the beginning of the project/ help as base for sketches. plus some sketches style help to see the product/vehicles line better to understand fully the concept. please look at “sketch and toons” products c4d. thanks for the afford.

    • Josh M

      Hi Stef and Sebastian. This can be done in combination with the Pantone (or RAL) color palettes that come with KeyShot and the use of opacity or color maps.

      Here’s just a super quick, 1-minute set-up and screenshot of a my fav Pantone red and brush stroke map applied to the racer body to give it a bit of an conceptual overlay appearance. Of course, you can create textures of your own brush strokes to apply, print and add some extra sketchiness on top or create a Model Set in KeyShot and composite with a photorealistic render.

  • Sebastien

    Fantastic job,
    I agree with stef : A pencil/pantone style material, would be nice,
    For Designers,Architects.. Make a rendering with a transition from pencil style to realistic rendering would be an excellent marketing solution.

  • Josh M

    Here also is an example John just posted in the forum of a blend between NPR and normal render…

  • Wecool

    2 side material, please!

  • Douglas

    Displacement map feature please!!!

  • Diogo

    This is fantastic. Your render is amazing. Did you have plans to support animated geo cache?

  • Luiz Mihich

    Would Keyshot be suitable for rendering animation ?? having a timeline ?

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  • Raziel

    Can we animate the environment rotation ?

    • Josh M

      planned for future. object and camera animations currently. can be simulated using both of those together.

  • Raziel

    Is there motion blur for animation ?

    • Josh M

      another feature on the road map ๐Ÿ™‚

  • rydi

    +1 for the Displacement map
    We really need it to accurate the realism ๐Ÿ˜‰
    thanks for the job.

  • Salim Mottaghi

    Hi… I’m using a student version of keyshot, any idea if I can get the toon shading feature running? so far updated to 4.1.3 and can’t find anything ๐Ÿ™

    • Josh M

      The toon shader is applied from the Material tab, and the Type pulldown. Here is a video that shows it all.

      • Salim Mottaghi

        Thanks Josh, it was a great help… ๐Ÿ™‚