You know KeyShot has the easiest to apply and most accurate glass material for 3D rendered images. Drag,drop and you’re ready to go. You can also achieve a tinted glass effect very easily for older style glass bottle or any object you would like to show just a touch of tinted color. Brett answered a Forum post from another user who wanted to create a clear, colored glass material that fades to transparent. As Brett demonstrated, one simple image file does the trick.

Clear Tinted Glass in KeyShot

Brett describes the steps he used to create the tinted glass:

  1. Create a cyan gradient texture map in Photoshop that fades to transparent on top and bottom.
  2. Adjust the overall opacity to 30%, exported the file as a .png (with transparency)
  3. Apply it as a “label” on the glass material.
  4. Set the mapping to cylindrical and adjust the label intensity to 2.5 to help pop the color.

Right-click and select “Save image as…” Apply to your object in KeyShot as a Label

That’s it, apply the above gradient (or one of your own) to the KeyShot material as a label. If it looks too small just adjust the scale to suit. Applied as a label, you can also add other labels to sit on top of or behind the gradient. Be sure to check out this quick tip on labels for transparent materials and our other KeyShot Quick Tips to learn more.